Embracing the Future of AI: SQream Raises $45M to Expand GPU-Powered Analytics & Machine Learning Capabilities

By Ami Gal


Hello everyone,

I’d like to share with you today the news that SQream has closed a $45m Series C financing round. This will accelerate our journey toward realizing our vision – a future in which data is transformed from a challenge into a world of opportunities. We are grateful to have such great partners who trust us, believe in our mission, and share our passion for innovation and a data-driven world.

With this financing round, we’re expanding our team and presence in North America, and further enabling robust infrastructures for AI, ML, and generative AI services by embedding more AI and Machine Learning services into our product lines. Our primary goal remains to solidify SQream’s position as a leader in big data, analytics, and AI/ML landscapes with our fast, optimized and cost-efficient GPU-accelerated software stack.

Insights from data, especially in the era of AI/ML, is now a necessity for companies as they attempt to gain a competitive edge and deal with large magnitudes of data. However, they often struggle with the limitations of their existing infrastructures. That’s what drives our focus at SQream to push the boundaries by optimizing Graphic Processing Units (GPUs) for data analytics. Our breakthrough technology enables faster results and reduces the cost of handling terabyte-to-petabyte-scale and orders-of-magnitude complexity data workloads across a wide range of AI, ML and BI applications.

SQream’s technology has consistently proven itself in benchmark tests, showing vast improvements in data-handling capacity while driving down ingestion and preparation times. Our game-changing approach combines the efficiency of SQL processes with the power of data, helping enterprises gain complex insights from huge datasets.

Every day, we see businesses confronted with more and more demands on their infrastructure as they try to achieve critical business goals. SQream enables them to handle much larger sets of data, and derive much more complex and multi-dimensional insights with a much smaller carbon footprint and lower costs (including less time invested in data preparation and ingestion).


A short demonstration of SQream’s capabilities

Recent developments in the field of generative AI have helped many enterprises realize the immense potential of data and algorithms, which has also placed a spotlight on our GPU-accelerated analytics platform and increased its demand. Our latest round of funding is a testament to investors’ belief in our advanced data analytics technology and our vision of empowering businesses to foster growth in ways that were once unthinkable.

Our patented GPU-accelerated software technology – at the core of everything we do – is designed to complement existing data architectures and maximize analytical efficiency. 

Shaping the future of data analytics

As part of our vision of shaping the future today, I would like to invite data leaders to our latest initiative: SQream Blue

SQream Blue is our cutting-edge approach to the future of data lakehouses, designed to support terabyte-to-petabyte scale cloud analytics and data preparation, while significantly driving down costs.

Lastly, I would like to thank the SQream team, the keystones of this venture, with whom I’ve been fortunate to work, dare, and make the impossible possible.

Ami Gal

CEO & Co-founder SQream