SQreamDB New Releases and Features (Summer 2022)

By Ohad Shalev

8.31.2022 twitter linkedin facebook

When thinking about our customer’s pain points and needs with our product, we were able to forge a new release for SQreamDB (2022.1). The new and enhanced summer release includes better security features, more supported data types and storage vendors, and the ability to use SQreamDB in serverless-mode when querying data as an external table with faster performance. All in all, allowing our enterprise customers to easily use SQL to create petabyte-scale, critical business insights, faster.

So, what’s new? 

  • Apache Avro data format support 
  • Improved security and enforcement 
  • Compress your data using zlib format 
  • UPDATE command 
  • Parquet optimization 
  • Deployments

1. Apache Avro data Format support:

SQream now natively supports reading from and writing to Apache Avro data formats. Avro is a popular binary row-based serialized text format. It can be seen as a binary alternative to JSON, drawing inspiration from its flexibility and nesting while offering a much more efficient storage method. Henceforth, SQream users won’t have to convert their Avro files or use external tools when running queries on them.

2. Improved security and enforcement:

SQream provides new features in accordance with GDPR standards:

  • Columnar-based encryption: Lets you encrypt your data in transit (using SSL) or at rest, choosing any column(s) you wish to keep private.
  • Brute-Force attack protection: Prevents hackers from accessing SQream through multiple attempts at cracking your passwords. 
  • Stronger password policy: Another effective data breach prevention tool, requiring users to exercise higher security standards to reduce the risk of compromise.

3. Compress your data using the zlib format:

In addition to automatic built-in data compression, SQream has introduced the additional manual option of compressing your ORC files using the zlib standard format. 

4. UPDATE command:

Let’s modify your data in certain columns or rows of your choice without creating a new table. Just don’t forget to run a clean-up after using UPDATE.

5. Parquet read optimization:


As not all customers would like to load data into SQreamDB (thus, duplicating it), we improved x20 the querying speed of Parquet foreign tables. Additionally, SQreamDB can now automatically identify the Parquet schema, saving you time and the possibility of a human error. 

6. Deployments: 

SQreamDB is now compatible with storage solutions offered by VAST Data and Inspur. Moreover, it is available on HPE GreenLake Marketplace

7. Bug fixes, stability, and performance improvements

When storing more than dozens of PBs globally, ingesting 150+ TBs of data daily into SQreamDB, and running over 250K queries per day – it’s all about performance. Stay tuned for the next releases that will include more supported data formats, wider ANSI-SQL syntax, and better overall performance.   

The above-mentioned features refer to releases 2022.1, 2022.1.1, and 2022.1.2.