By SQream

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Cost-effectively scale your big data and enable complex analytics

Many organizations have adopted data warehouse appliances like SAP Hana™ to accommodate big data analytics. But as analytics grow in complexity, involving heavy computations or massive datasets, the system often becomes overloaded. Users are left waiting inordinate amounts of time for their queries to complete – if they can be completed at all. Total cost of ownership (TCO) can skyrocket due to unforeseen upgrades required to keep the system running at reasonable performance levels.

SQream DB, an acceleration engine for massive data analytics, works alongside SAP HANA to shorten extremely long-running queries and enable previously infeasible analytics, while significantly reducing TCO.


Complex Data Analytics Made Simple

Enable Previously Infeasible Analytics

Many SAP HANA users have encountered the Out-of-Memory error when running complex queries. This happens because the system requires all the data and temporary space needed for processing to be available in physical RAM. With SQream DB in the pipeline, the most complex queries can be completed in minutes thanks to its GPU-accelerated processing and non-reliance on RAM. The aggregated data can then be ingested back into SAP HANA or analyzed directly.

Shorten Extremely Long-running Queries

Some data-heavy queries can be processed by SAP HANA, but take extremely long to complete, and impair system performance in the process. Offloading such queries to SQream DB will significantly accelerate their processing, while freeing up SAP HANA to do the work it was designed for.

Cost-efficient Scalability

When queries are infeasible or too long-running, organizations face the difficult choice of limiting the scope of their analytics or expanding SAP HANA to support their growing needs. Due to the prohibitively high cost of expansion, organizations frequently opt for restricted queries, or forgo some complex analytics altogether, missing out on critical business insights. By integrating SQream DB, organizations can run complex analytics on massive datasets without the need to further invest in an appliance. By decoupling compute resources from storage, SQream DB scales to virtually unlimited data sizes at a fraction of the cost.