We Came, We Saw, We Conquered Big Data with a Single GPU!

By Ami Gal

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Just as Benjamin Franklin discovered that lightning is actually electricity by flying a kite, SQream Technologies has come up with an efficient way to process generic SQL on an NVIDIA GPU in order to accelerate Big Data analytics. This revolutionary discovery is changing the Big Data technological playing field and has especially become a hot topic at the 2014 NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference (GTC) which took place in San Jose, California from March 24th-28th.

Ami Gal, CEO of SQream Technologies and Ori Netzer, VP of Product Management, both presented at the 2014 NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference, demonstrating the power of GPUs being used to accelerate Big Data analytics. The SQream DB, which runs on a single NVIDIA GPU, is capable of processing large data sets up to 100X faster than leading data warehouse solutions, demonstrating new possibilities to enterprises seeking Big Data analytics.

Breaking Big Data Boundaries

Together with the leading telecommunications giant, Orange, The SQream DB was able to execute over 18 billion anonymized call data records on a single NVIDIA GPU – the equivalent of 4 months worth of multimedia IP traffic. This illustrates a Big Data milestone, highlighting the power of GPU technology, while demonstrating the performance of the SQream DB exceeding a multimillion dollar solution from a leading vendor. After all, the idea behind the SQream DB is to run Big Data queries a lot faster for a lot less money, a goal which was certainly proved during GTC14.

EnterpriseTech Journalist, Timothy Prickett Morgan, wrote a great article covering SQream Technologies’ presentation at GTC. Morgan gave a detailed explanation about Ori Netzer’s presentation on “Getting Big Data done on GPUs”, mentioning the design goal behind the SQream DB and how it’s possible to make a relational database run on a single NVIDIA GPU.  Morgan expresses his interest for SQream in his article, saying:

“There were a slew of announcements from various vendors relating to analytics workloads at the GPU Technology Conference hosted by Nvidia this week in San Jose, and one of the more interesting ones came from a startup called SQream Technologies, which is working with Orange to commercialize a SQL database that runs atop Tesla GPU coprocessors and can boost transaction speeds by a factor of 100X compared to the speed of a parallel X86 cluster running a distributed relational database.”

Winning the “One to Watch” Award at GTC14

After all was said and done regarding Big Data and GPUs, SQream Technologies was recognized with the NVIDIA “One to Watch” Award. Five promising startups were selected out of three dozen companies participating in the Emerging Companies Summit (ECS). The SQream Team took home a trophy and an NVIDIA Tesla K40 GPU amongst other exciting prizes, yet the best award for the SQream Team was being honored and recognized by the prestigious NVIDIA judges.

Proud SQream Team members holding the "One to Watch" Award!

Proud SQream Team members holding the “One to Watch” Award!

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The 2014 GPU Technology Conference proved to be a major success for SQream Technologies and the company is pleased to have been able to present at such a prestigious week long conference.

Working with Orange Silicon Valley has also been met with a ton of achievements.  SQream Technologies continues to work closely with Orange, making daily improvements and enhancements to ensure the best performance capabilities possible from the SQream Big Data database.

“It was a great pleasure to have the opportunity to showcase our Big Data technology at GTC this year,” says Ami Gal. “SQream is looking forward to continual collaboration with NVIDIA and to accomplishing more Big Data gains together with Orange. A big thanks goes out to NVIDIA and Orange Silicon Valley.”

GTC14: Media Mentions

There has been a lot of buzz surrounding Big Data, GPUs and SQream Technologies lately. This is what the press is saying about us:











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