Meet The SQream Team

By SQream

9.24.2013 twitter linkedin facebook

The SQream Team is a powerful force which cannot be taken down. We are breaking barriers daily to bring you the most advanced and innovative software on the Big Data market. We are the SQream Team and we are changing the world.

Ami Gal: With a smile on his face and a drive for success, Ami pushes the SQream Team to get things done. He is a big believer in “just doing it” and is the driving force, “big boss” CEO.
Kostya Varakin: You can always find Kostya with his pipe in hand, dreaming of the next big thing.
Jake Wheat: A true Brit living in Tel Aviv, Jake drinks black coffee and is in charge of designing the software.
Ori Netzer: A business martial artist, Ori is responsible for linking people together with our technology. He is in charge of making Big Data happen.
Yohai Shaked: Yohai is the responsible adult at SQream… he brings us business.
Razi Shoshani: Razi is the “technology bunker buster”. He is in charge of cracking the technical challenges at SQream.
Rachel Wolfson:  A Texan living in Tel Aviv (although not wearing a cowboy hat), Rachel brings Southern hospitality and a smile to SQreams’ social arena.
Anat Tamir: Anat keeps the SQream Team in check. Multi-tasking is her talent and she makes sure that we get everything done on time.
Omid Vahdaty: Omid is the company go-to-guy. When you need to get something done, you go to him. He is also the CPO (Chief Persian Officer). 🙂
Uri Confino: Uri is our whiz kid. He is always typing on the keyboard while shuffling through his tasks at the speed of light.
Assaf Ben-Yosef: Assaf is thinking all of the time. Oh, and by the way, he also writes code…
Yuri Volodine: Yuri is the company CUDA guy. You can always find him in the hallway, thinking while walking.
Eli Klatis: Eli is writing code all of the time while thinking… (I wish I was on my board surfing).
Ori Brostovski: Ori is the one – when he touches the keyboard he becomes one with the matrix.

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