Meet the Query Monsters

By Arnon Shimoni

3.16.2017 twitter linkedin facebook

Over the past three years, we’ve had many projects here at SQream. In many cases, we find ourselves coming in and tackling the query monsters. These are queries that the customers identify as being particularly nasty.
Let’s meet the monsters!

The multi-table-JOIN query

Multi-table-JOIN query monster
The bane of many databases, mainly distributed databases.
Unless the tables are quite small, the multi-table JOIN monster can cause significant headaches.
When the data is not properly distributed, sharded, partitioned or indexed, these become big problems.
These problems may limit your productivity, and limit your ability to run ad-hoc queries.

The slow query

Slow Query Monster
This monster can take many shapes.
Most of these shapes are sticky, gooey and all around unpleasant.

The multi-stage query

Multi-stage Query
While it may seem harmless, when combined with other types of monsters, this monster can grow exponentially.
This monster will block your data pipelines for hours.
Similar to the “just plain long” query, these are a real pain to translate from SQL to NoSQL or SQL-like APIs.

The nested query

Nested Query
Don’t let the smile mislead you, the nested query can cause significant headaches. Difficult to maintain, most DBAs tend to avoid this monster.
Even when uncorrelated, mixing fields from the interior queries and external queries and unindexed relations are a real pain.

The “just plain long” query

Just plain long query
The really long query monster.
Yes, it might be unavoidable in some cases – and that’s usually fine for SQL databases.
SQL-like and NoSQL databases will struggle with these.
Not just physically long, these might take a long time to process as well.
Traditional CPU-bound approaches may not even help here, because the processing is so complex.
These are a real pain to translate from SQL to NoSQL or SQL-like APIs.

Let SQream DB tame your monsters

SQream DB is the analytic GPU database built from scratch to harness the unique performance of graphical processors (GPUs) for handling hundreds of terabytes of data.
With thousands of GPU cores, SQream DB accesses up to 1000x more compute per square inch,
in a standard server box.
Tame the query monsters
SQream DB is built from the ground up, to make best use of available resources, including the revolutionary power of the GPU. SQream DB has a variety of installation options, and extremely fast ramp-up to an easy, simple to manage analytics platform – with significantly lower TCO.
SQream DB combines performance, flexibility and ease-of-use, empowering your data science and making data discovery easy, allowing you to focus on insights and the core of your business, not on the infrastructure.
With standard, familiar SQL syntax (ANSI-92 compliant), as well as ODBC, JDBC, .NET and Python connectivity, SQream DB is already supported by your ecosystem.
Let SQream DB tame your monsters, give us a shout out today.

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