Demystifying Hybrid Cloud: How SQream Bridges the On-Prem and Cloud Divide

By SQream

10.29.2023 twitter linkedin facebook

The digital landscape is continually evolving, and with it, the way companies approach data storage and management. One term that’s making waves in the tech industry is the ‘Hybrid Cloud.’ But what exactly is it? And more importantly, how does SQream fit into this environment?

What is a Hybrid Cloud Environment?

At its core, a hybrid cloud server is an environment of on-premises compute storage resources and public cloud resources, used to serve single or multiple applications. It allows companies to maximize their existing on-prem infrastructure while tapping into the cloud’s scalability and flexibility. 

However, the term ‘hybrid cloud’ often finds itself embroiled in ambiguity, with different organizations offering their definitions. This results in a spectrum of interpretations, from combining on-prem resources with the cloud to a purely cloud-based approach that integrates private and public cloud functionalities.

The Advantages of Using a Hybrid Cloud

The hybrid cloud model offers numerous advantages:

  1. Privacy & Control: Companies can keep sensitive data on their private servers while leveraging the cloud’s computational power.
  2. Security: An environment where companies have greater control can lead to improved security measures.
  3. Performance: Keeping large data sets on-prem and computing nearby can reduce latency, enhancing the application’s overall performance.
  4. Regulatory Compliance: With regulations like GDPR, maintaining certain data on-prem can help companies stay compliant.
  5. Cost Efficiency: Large-scale data migrations to the cloud can be prohibitively expensive. A hybrid model can save costs by utilizing existing on-prem resources.

SQream’s Role in the Hybrid Cloud Journey

Today, SQream operates seamlessly in both on-prem and cloud environments. Its consistency across platforms means that businesses can start with a predominantly on-prem setup and gradually extend functionalities into the cloud. As hybrid cloud adoption grows, SQream’s capability to consolidate data from diverse sources becomes invaluable.

But the real game-changer lies in SQream’s future vision: Federated Queries. In the not-so-distant future, SQream aims to enable users to execute a single query that taps into multiple data sources, irrespective of their location (on-prem or cloud). This unified data approach will revolutionize how companies access and analyze their information.


The hybrid cloud paradigm is more than just a fleeting tech trend. It’s a strategic approach to data management that marries the best of both worlds: the security and control of on-prem solutions with the scalability and versatility of the cloud. And as this model gains momentum, tools like SQream will play a pivotal role in helping organizations seamlessly navigate between their on-prem and cloud-based resources.