How a High-Tech Startup Can Really Make a Difference

By Ami Gal

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Picture this: A former abandoned Tel Aviv building is now equipped with hundreds of computers, thousands of English/Hebrew books, award-winning teachers and an open field out back for sports. A building which was once occupied by rats, cats and trash now houses children who were never given a real chance to learn before this unused space was transformed into a school/community center especially for them…

One of the most fulfilling parts of working for a high-tech startup is watching the company succeed and share their success. And I’m not just talking about creating disruptive technological developments which will change the way the world deals with Big Data (although this is pretty exciting too!) – I’m talking about watching the company donate profits to a deserving community which will give young people the chance to experience life.

Making a Difference

When SQream technologies succeeds, CEO Ami Gal has made the decision to donate a large sum of the company profits to educational and youth related charities in Israel through Tmura. Tmura, the Hebrew word for change, value for money and a play on the word “truma” which means donation in Hebrew, is an Israeli Public Service Venture Fund which was created in 2002. Tmura helps promote non-profit activity in Israel by giving high-tech startups the chance to donate a part of their proceeds to Israeli educational and youth related charities. As stated on their website, Tmura’s mission is, “To develop a “culture of giving” within the high-tech sector, in a way that addresses the capabilities and constraints of growth companies.”

“Being a part of Tmura is a wonderful way to give and share our success with some fantastic projects based around education, pure giving and creating a better world for all of us. I encourage every startup/organization to donate via Tmura – it is simple, it is inspiring and most of all it makes a big difference,” Ami mentioned.

SQream Technologies is donor company #317 and far from being the only one who believes in the efforts of Tmura. Companies including Waze, Bizzabo, Wix and many more have already generated millions of dollars for the youth community in Israel. Waze, in fact, has generated over $1,500,000 for the community through Tmura.
When asked about SQreams’ decision to join the Tmura community, Baruch Lipner, Tmura’s Executive Director stated, “We’re thrilled to have SQream Technologies on board and commend the company on their community commitment with a grant of options to Tmura. SQream is one of the hundreds of Israeli high-tech companies that understands the importance of “giving back” and we’re sure this will help the company on its path to success.”

Why We Do It

Mother Teresa once said, “It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.” This is how we feel at SQream Technologies. We are a small startup with big ideas and we know how important it is to give others the opportunity to succeed. Now is our time to give back what we have already received.

Being a part of the Tmura community enables us to donate to a cause which we thoroughly believe it. Providing the Israeli youth with educational opportunities means the world to us. These children and young adults represent the future – the future of technology, the future of success and most importantly, the future of the world.
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