SQreamDB 2024 Release

By SQream

4.1.2024 twitter linkedin facebook

Introducing our latest SQream updates, packed with powerful features designed to enhance your analytics experience. From advanced security and monitoring to more performance enhancements, we’re committed to providing you with the platform you need to extract deeper insights in a cost-efficient manner. In the last few releases, we’ve added several features that make SQream even more powerful and easy to use. Here are some of the highlights:


  • Cross-database queries: Gain deeper insights by querying across multiple SQream databases within a single cluster effortlessly, breaking down data silos. With a single SQL statement, you can reach out to any relevant information on your cluster, and extract insights that span multiple databases. 
  • SQLoader: SQream’s in-house data transfer tool, SQLoader, now supports loading data from SybaseIQ, Teradata, SQL Server, SAP Hana, and Greenplum. Moreover, we made some great performance improvements for the data transfer throughput into SQream.   
  • Delete file upon successful COPY: Loading data into SQream from open-source file formats just became much easier. You can automatically delete the file (or the folder content) once a COPY FROM is successfully completed
  • Data loading for smaller chunks: This enhancement is mostly crucial for users who require near real-time data loading. When SELECTing a table that contains chunks that are smaller than SQream’s default size (< 1 million rows), SQream will be able to re-chunk or multi-thread it to improve read performance. 
  • IsCastable: This function checks whether a data type cast operation is supported for any given rows. If the cast is not supported, the CASE statement handles the exception by providing an alternative. 
  • S3 read: SQream-certified EC2 machines on AWS (such as g4dn.8xlarge) will be able to read data from S3 much faster, using the maximum network bandwidth available. 

Monitoring & Security

  • Health check: With a simple command as SELECT health_check_monitoring, system administrators can comprehensively monitor their databases’ health and status across multiple categories – storage (smaller chunks, cleanup recommendation), metadata (system’s performance during peak loads), license, and self-healing (query execution flow, idle Workers, stuck snapshots).  
  • SSO: Seamlessly access the SQream Acceleration Studio with Single Sign-On (SSO), streamlining authentication and enhancing security.
  • Queue and query timeout: In the event of a high volume of user requests, an admin will be able to configure a failsafe mechanism in the form of a queue or a query timeout. This way, all Services will stay operational and the queries will be terminated before the backlog becomes too large to handle. 

User Interface

  • Multi-platform CLI: If you prefer using SQream’s CLI, you can now do it on every operating system of your choice (Linux, Windows, MAC). Moreover, our new CLI now supports a table view for your convenience. 
Please visit our documentation to learn more about SQream and how it can help you accelerate your analytics and ML projects.