Buckle Up: CODE_n is “Driving the Data Revolution”

By Ami Gal

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The custom designed Hall 16 dedicated to CODE_n at CeBIT 2014 was certainly the best area for startups to showcase their data driven solutions. “Driving the data revolution” was the theme at this year’s CODE_n competition, attracting media sources, potential customers, VCs and curious fairgoers all to Hall 16 to learn more about the fifty CODE_n data driven startups.

Hall of Innovation

SQream Technologies had the pleasure of participating in the CODE_n competition this year, being chosen to present our Big Data platform which runs on GPU technology, resulting in 100X faster Big Data analytics compared with other leading solutions. The SQream Team enjoyed presenting and meeting other companies during the CODE_n event, making our experience at CeBIT 2014 very enjoyable.
Aside from the amazing CODE_n team and highly organized agenda, one major aspect of the event the SQream Team appreciated was the huge pool of data driven talent being displayed in Hall 16. Three startups in particular which really caught our attention were MammothDB, Sensalytics and Leanciti. These emerging companies consisted of great team leaders and data driven solutions which are certainly advancing the data revolution.

 MammothDB, based in Sofia, Bulgaria, serves as an alternative to traditional data warehousing and Business Intelligence solutions. The MammothDB team has created a high-performance, SQL- compatible RDBMS created for running interactive analytical applications on Hadoop, allowing for interactive reporting using standard SQL tools.

Sensalytics, based in Stuttgart, Germany, provides retailers with a cloud-based sensor analytics platform. The Sensalytics solution equips retail stores with a sensor based “people-counter,” allowing data to be collected and then processed on Sensalytics servers.
Leanciti, based in Herzliya, Israel, is a PaaS which aggregates Big Data collected from utility smart electric, water and gas meters. Once this data has been obtained, an “intelligent city” is created, allowing city officials to use data insights to make energy efficient decisions.
Other up-and-coming startups which caught our eye during the five day long CODE_n event were elastic.io, Transmetrics, Radoop, Massive Analytics and the German sponsor company asandoo with their revolutionary visual data 3D screen.

Expect the Unexpected

The amount of talent and energy in Hall 16 was massive during the CODE_n event, making it one of the most interesting and inviting Halls to visit during CeBIT 2014. Yet, there were also some aspects of the CODE_n competition which came as a surprise. For instance, we had no idea that the four CODE_n finalists were pre-determined before the event took place. SQream Technologies came to the CODE_n competition ready to pitch SQream’s Big Data DB without previous knowledge that four finalists’ had already been selected. At the end of the day however, Ami Gal, CEO of SQream Technologies, gave an award-winning fireside chat alongside SynerScope, Radoop and CartoDB which was wonderfully moderated by ItProPortal technology journalist, James Laird.

SQream Technologies CEO, Ami Gal, during his CODE_n fireside chat

SQream Technologies CEO, Ami Gal, during his CODE_n fireside chat

Moral of the CODE_n Story

SQream Technologies had an overall amazing time during the CODE_n competition. The CODE_n organizers were friendly, helpful and attentive and the event parties and dinners were always lively and full of entertainment. The future of the CODE_n competition certainly looks bright and we wish all of the 50 former CODE_n participants the best of luck in “driving the data revolution!”

Ami Gal and Ori Netzer of SQream Technologies

Ami Gal and Ori Netzer of SQream Technologies

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