Bringing GPU power to hundreds of terabytes with SQream DB and Tableau


Size matters when it comes to your data 

Built from scratch, SQream DB harnesses the unique performance of graphical processors (GPUs) for handling hundreds of terabytes, trillions of rows – in a small footprint. SQream DB gives fast insights on very large data sets, especially with large, complex, multi-table join queries. Join huge fact tables with ease.

Leading businesses use SQream DB with Tableau, to make informed decisions about critical business aspects. SQream DB lets business users ask more questions about more data, without cutting down, pre aggregating, or forcing DBAs to remodel the database.
With over 20,000 GPU cores available in a single machine, SQream DB lets businesses ingest data at blazing-fast speed while allowing exploration, analysis, correlation, and visualization of more data.

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  • Performance at scale
  • Increased employee productivity
  • More insights from more data
  • Significant cost savings
  • Operational efficiency
  • Simplified administration


Combining the scalable power of the GPU with Tableau’s powerful visualization engine, SQream is enhancing the way companies perform big data analytics. With Tableau on SQream DB, we’re bringing GPU acceleration to big data analytics. Analyze your data directly on SQream DB, without cutting down or delaying your processes. Uncover the hidden insights in your data by visually interacting with it.
Expand your query windows from weeks to years to find trends. SQream DB lets business users and analysts query trillions of rows of data and get results faster than ever before.

SEAMLESS INTEGRATION with a few clicks

SQream DB integrates into your existing Tableau reporting infrastructure with just a few clicks. Because SQream DB runs ANSI-compliant SQL from Tableau, you don’t need programming or cube-building. SQream DB is already relational. This means that, unlike typical Hadoop-style solutions, your data is always ready immediately for querying.
The relevant data for the query is identified by SQream DB, and all relational operations and transforms are run on the GPU. Within seconds, the resulting data set is sent back to Tableau in “Live” mode, ensuring the results are always up-to-date.



Ingest data from any relational source into SQream DB. Our patented GPU technology and algorithms pre-process the data as it is ingested, jumpstarting performance and providing near instant responses to Tableau interactions.


SQream DB is exceptionally well suited for data discovery, exploration and data science, due to its flexible architecture. Fast discovery and exploration of data, through reduced query latency over large data sets, allows you and your employees to be more productive and generate valuable insight quicker.


SQream’s Tableau connector plugin, based on standard JDBC, enables storing and fast querying large volumes of data. Here is how