Big Data: The Final Frontier

By Ori Netzer


Big Data doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, sometimes it’s better to keep it “simple stupid”. Sure, unstructured and structured volumes of data might seem overwhelming, but new Big Data technologies are now capable of providing hassle-free Big Data analytics to data driven organizations.
Big Data technologies such as Hadoop, MongoDB and Redis are being used by a number of enterprises seeking Big Data analytics. And while the Big Data solution landscape seems endless, thinking outside of the box can actually provide data driven organizations with faster, more cost-effective results. GPU technology, for instance, has a number of advantages when applied to a Big Data database.
Here’s a brief SlideShow presentation created by SQream’s VP of Product Management, Ori Netzer, on how fast, hassle-free and cost-effective Big Data analytics are being achieved by “thinking outside the box”!

Big Data: The Final Frontier from SQream Technologies