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Sync, Store, and Access
Your Business Data

Managed ELT + Cloud Data Warehouse

Panoply is a low-code platform that provides businesses with an easy way to sync, store, and access their data. With ELT connectors, a managed cloud data warehouse, and pre-built SQL queries, you can say goodbye to data busywork and get analysis-ready data in just a few clicks.

Get the Insights You Need without the Complicated Code

Panoply gives your team access to the data they need, without complex code or piles of spreadsheets. Retail, ecommerce, healthcare, and tech organizations all rely on Panoply to provide them with analysis, insights, access and ease of use - regardless of their level of expertise.

With Panoply, you can:

  • Connect data sources without complicated code
  • Automatically store raw data in analysis-ready tables
  • Create core business logic to keep metrics consistent
  • Seamlessly update dashboards and BI tools
  • Get business-ready data at your fingertips
  • Spend less time managing data, and more time finding insights

Panoply Features


Tap into your data in just a few clicks with unlimited Panoply connectors


Create a single source of truth with a managed cloud data warehouse.


Get analysis-ready data at your fingertips with easy BI tool integration

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