Unrestricted ad-hoc analytics

Hit the ground running with the power of GPU-Accelerated SQream DB

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More data, No more excuses

SQream's SQL-based solution harnesses GPU capabilities to rapidly analyze hundreds of terabytes of data or more. With SQream, enterprises can deliver analytics on more data faster, achieving better business intelligence from often previously inaccessible insights.

In our comprehensive four day PoC, you can already begin to uncover valuable new insights, that will let you hit the ground running.


SQream's customers routinely analyze 20x more data, 100x faster, and at 10% of the cost

100x faster

Query times reduced from hours to minutes or even seconds

20x more data

SQream customers analyze 20x more data than they did before SQream DB with their MPPs

10% of the cost

Supercomputer capabilities in a cost-effective, small footprint - even in the cloud

Think Big, Start Small

Our experience in managing big data projects has led us to these four stages of the PoC:

Enterprise PoC Process

By focusing on specific problems with big datasets, the value of SQream DB becomes apparent in just a few days.

Focus on YOUR data, not maintenance

This Enterprise PoC is designed to prove the capabilities of SQream DB,and validate its fit for achievement of the customer’s business goals with better analytics.

Leading businesses already use SQream DB with BI tools like Tableau and Jupyter Notebooks, to make informed decisions about critical business aspects.

Prove the value of your big data with SQream DB

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