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Cellcom reduces dropped calls by
up to 90% with SQream DB

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3 Million subscribers

Cellcom, Israel’s largest telecom uses SQream DB to identify network issues

Improving customer experience with a cost-effective network analysis solution

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Network outages cost the company money and reputation

When network problems show up, they frustrate the customer. These customer frustration can ripple into customer support and network engineering teams.

Cellcom has many thousands of base stations (RNCs and equivalent eNodeBs for 3G/4G networks).
These base stations report basic counters and measures, but diagnosing more complex problems between various units is difficult without a more comprehensive solution.

Subsequently, the common solution for deep diving into a network issue is installing network probes at the cell site’s eNodeB.
However, these probes are usually prohibitively expensive, with costs in the many millions of dollars.

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    “Identifying the root cause of the issue is quite difficult. The tools we had were unable to provide insights about why this is happening”
    RF Group Leader

Allowing engineers to be more productiveSQream DB allows engineers to pinpoint and fix issues faster than before, returning the network to full health, allowing engineers to be more productive..

Finding the needle in the 33 billion row-per-day haystack

Within hours, SQream DB could collect raw data from all eNodeBs across a variety of manufacturers (Ericsson, Huawei, Nokia-Siemens, and others), in a single 2U Dell server.
Cellcom network engineers can now identify higher drop rates, without visiting the actual base stations to view logs.

This means that with SQream DB, engineering was able to identify the high drop rate, which was caused by a hard handover from the macro-cell to the femto-cell.

BeforeCall drops before SQream DB
AfterCall drops after SQream DB

Following the discovery, the network engineers was able to reduce the drop count by 90%, returning it to an acceptable rate.


Watch the RNC Event log analysis demo

Finding problems to save precious resources

The QoS team, as well as others in the network team now use SQream DB to identify a variety of network issues, including customer-specific issues.

Most of the network optimization problems were buried deep in the many billions of records generated every day by the network equipment. This made them essentially invisible to the tools available before SQream DB.

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    We saw a tremendously cost effective opportunity to obtain comprehensive analytic abilities we didn’t have before SQream, required to continuously improve our network service for our customers.
    RF Group Leader

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