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Business Value Case

OFSAA Data Preparation & Acceleration

66% Cost
70% Footprint
100% Acceleration
of OFSAA processes

One of Europe’s largest banks selected the SQream platform in order to shorten the time of OFSAA report creation. The main motivation for the change was the business frustration of not being able to conclude the OFSAA process in time, as well as the high cost. In order to expedite the process, the bank was advised to upgrade the OFSAA appliance at a cost of more than $1.5M.

With SQream, the bank successfully managed to shorten the OFSAA process from 18-hours to 5-hours, and to provide the needed reporting at a fraction of the time it took prior to SQream implementation. In addition to time savings, the final cost was one third of the original cost.

Industry Vertical: Banks


Why Do Anything?

The bank couldn’t achieve their regulatory requirements, nor manage their regulatory processes in a timely fashion – they needed to accelerate the current process. The organization tried different acceleration processes and still could not reach the desired acceleration to meet regulatory requirements.

Why Now?

The IT team could not meet regulatory requirements / KPIs, and could not produce management reports in timely fashion.

Why SQream?

  • GPU Acceleration platform run alongside OFSAA, multi-parallel engine, no need for new architecture.
  • Significant cost reduction from the original OFSAA process in comparison to the other tool.
  • 65 tables ingested at a pace of 3TB / hour / GPU.
  • OFSAA queries run as-is on SQream analytics platform.

Fastest time to insight on any size data

Business Challenge

Banks use Oracle Financial Services Application appliance to meet their regulatory reports requirements, measuring profitability and risk-adjusted performance objectives. The bank searched for a solution that would expedite the process after other vendors failed to provide a solution that could significantly shorten time, while also ensuring quick ROI.

Situation/Pain Business Impact

Situation – At the beginning of the process, the bank performed OFSAA in a single box. 10TB of compressed data were analyzed daily. It wasn’t an efficient process, taking 18-hours to complete. Reports were not generated on time and data was not available for decision makers to meet regulatory requirements in timely fashion.

Pain – The bank needed an ultra-fast platform that was able to shorten time to insight, was greener, and would reduce total cost of ownership. The IT department had a goal to accelerate the data preparation phase using GPU technology to enable rapid and ad-hoc reporting, while also reducing the current footprint and saving CAPEX and OPEX.

Business Impact – Using SQream’s OFSAA acceleration solution, the bank managed to reduced the overall process to 5.5-hours, having only 1.5-hours allocated for data preparation. Lead time for report generation was reduced significantly, taking a fraction of the time.

SQream Solution Components
  • SQream OFSAA Data Loader multi-parallel engine
  • SQream analytical engine
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Architecture Considerations


Data collection from different data sources into staging area using OFSAA tools.


Offloading from staging area into SQream using SQream OFSAA data loader, multi-threaded using thousands of GPUs.


Analytics by SQream GPU query engine which processes the data.


Two options are available:

  • SQream engine can push data results back to OFSAA, allowing existing reports to work as-is.
  • Connect reporting tools directly to SQream.