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PubMatic Leapfrogs Competitors
in Extracting Value from Each Byte



15T bids/month

PubMatic delivers superior revenue to publishers with SQream

While their peers were spending enormous amounts of time and money to tackle big data challenges, PubMatic partnered and implemented a hardware accelerated data processing solution and leapfrogged competitors in extracting value from each byte.

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The Technology

The solution was built on SQream technology and was able to query petabytes of data in seconds, in a minute hardware footprint.

Sqream DB DeploymentTypical implementation for SQream

Processing Massive Data in Milliseconds

The underlying SQream technology was built from the ground up to process massive amounts of data in milliseconds by leveraging hardware acceleration. On top of that, SQream also built an ANSI compliant SQL interface to integrate with any data analytics platform. SQream DB accelerated analytics by using GPUs for parallel processing and CPUs for serial processing, achieving the best performance by squeezing in every cycle from both processors. This meant that the queries PubMatic was running were now significantly accelerated, providing critical insights, with much greater dimensionality.

Digital marketing is all about leveraging big data to act wiser and faster, for a competitive advantage. SQream gives us a strategic advantage by providing the processing power we need so our customers can identify and execute on the best possible digital advertising opportunities with the highest impact.

Vasu Cherlopalle, VP Big Data and Analytics, PubMatic