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Retail Solutions

The retail industry has extremely diverse data. Unlock understanding of most profitable products, stock the right products, and improve your customer interactions with one database.

Better customer interactions

Drive sales and better customer interactions with actionable insights on trillions of transactions

One smart database

One-stop-shop database for analytics, self-service BI, overlap analysis and more

Compatible with your tools

Standard SQL, with JDBC, ODBC and Python mean your BI tools are already supported

How retailers use SQream DB

With always-on, fast and flexible analytics, SQream DB is being used to power critical decisions. By using SQream DB, insights are not limited to analyzing a single product. For example, getting a holistic view for the entire retailer across all stores at the same time can be done without lengthy preparations.

What is ACV?

ACV stands for All Commodity Volume. It is total retail dollar sales for an entire store across all products and categories. ACV is a common way to measure the size of a store or retailer. Rather than a measure of physical size, like square footage, ACV reflects how much total business is done in that specific store.

When retails are looking to expand distribution, ACV can help prioritize opportunities. ACV trends give insight into the business health and growth potential.

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Combine sources for integrated views

Location Data

Understand in-store (and competitor) foot-fall

Click-stream and web browsing data

Find out about your customer's online journey

Demographic Data

Segment users by demographics

Purchasing transactions

Learn from past purchases

SQream Technologies has proven success in providing value to retail.
SQream DB makes calculations like ACV easy, even across half a trillion transactions.

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