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Harnessing Healthcare
Data Potential

With the rising cost of healthcare and emerging medical trends, healthcare providers need fast access to a diversity of data to be able to make better treatment and business decisions. An influx of new connected devices has created a data goldmine, yet the legacy systems in use by most institutions are overwhelmed by the sheer volumes of incoming information.

SQream gives healthcare organizations the power to access and correlate all of their data, for a comprehensive view of their patients and business. Healthcare professionals can achieve fast, accurate, and actionable insights that that can streamline processes and save lives.

Optimized Operations

Rapidly analyze months and years of historical and current data for insights that power increased operational efficiency and financial sustainability.

360 Patient View

Correlate patient and administrative records from data sources siloed across the organization for a holistic and comprehensive patient view.

Customized Care

Drill down to various metrics to create a personalized patient experience that improves engagement, boosts satisfaction, and grows revenues.

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