Finance and Risk solutions

Financial services are the biggest benefactors from digital transformations. Use SQream DB to empower data teams with a modern, human real-time database.

Store more, analyze more

Store more data without compromise. Cutting data down is a thing of the past, with always-on compression and fast ingest

Look into the future

Use predictive analytics to reduce extraordinary expenses, improve revenue projections and predict churn rates

Compatible with your tools

Standard SQL, alongside standard connectors like JDBC, ODBC and Python mean your BI tools are already supported

The finance industry collects an enormous amount of data. With recent regulatory changes like Basel IV, this data has become even more important. However, the variety of inaccessible, siloed data has put a figurative stick-in-the-wheel of performant, affordable, and reliable data insights.

SQream DB is the only GPU-accelerated data warehouse that lets you combine all of your data in one smart solution. SQream DB provides fast, reliable analytics for any workload or data scale.

Complex Joins

Combine data from many tables - JOIN any table, on any key (or keys), immediately. No pre-computations like indexing or cubing needed

Analytical Window Functions

Get more perspectives on your data, in fewer queries

Ultra-fast ingest

SQream DB can load upwards of 3TB per hour, per GPU - while automatically optimizing and compressing the data

Scale with storage and compute

Scale storage by adding more, well, storage...
Scale to more users by scaling up, and then out with extra compute nodes

Can GPU Databases Perform at Scale in the Financial Services Industry?

Banks and financial services are experiencing a real need for solutions that provide performance-at-scale. New regulations like FRTB (also called Basel IV FRTB) have greatly expanded the reporting requirements for the financial industry.

In an effort to find solutions to these new requirements, Citihub Consulting (a global financial market IT advisory firm) has penned a comparative analysis of GPU accelerated database solutions, to determine the maturity and performance potential of these solutions.

They can, and they perform well!

"... we knew up front that SQream is targeted at primarily larger datasets. However, we were surprised at how quickly the SQream performance overtook BigQuery as the volume scaled up."

To learn how Citihub reached this conclusion, read the free report:

See the full report on Citihub's website

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