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Realizing Retailer Potential with
Critical Insights

With the growth of e-commerce and online shopping, retailers are in high competition for every customer dollar. SQream allows retailers to analyze the full scope of their data for a comprehensive view of their customers, stores, and business operations. With SQream in their pipeline, retailers can translate footfall and customer behavior into actionable insights to encourage growth, enrich the customer journey, and make better business decisions.

Stay Ahead of Demand

Analyze massive historical and fresh data to build more accurate models of customer behavior, predict shopping trends, forecast demand, and gain a competitive edge.

Know Your Customers

Correlate billions of customer data records to build an accurate picture of your customers, and create a personalized shopping experiences that drive revenues.

Optimize Operations

Generate detailed high-frequency reports about online and offline activity across stores to accurately plan inventory, optimize pricing, and improve efficiency.

SQream for Retail
SQream empowers retailers with the ability to analyze the full scope of their data, for faster and more accurate business insights. This includes In-store interactions, customer traffic, and more. Read the brochure for complete capabilities.
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Making the Most of Your Investment in Hadoop
If you're looking to get more from Hadoop, empower your data professionals with SQream. With a fully-featured SQL engine and GPU-accelerated performance, SQream can make the most complex of query workloads easy.
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Accelerating SQL and BI Analytics
Find out how you can turn your existing BI pipeline into a more powerful, GPU-accelerated data analytics system that will give your enterprise a competitive edge.
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Discover How to Drive Data Analytics for Retail

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