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Fast-tracking Pharmaceutical Analytics

New innovations have created massive volumes of never-before-seen data in the Pharmaceutical industry: From smart devices to smart pills and even smart bottles that track usage, this wealth of new data represents immense opportunity. Yet organizations bound by the size and speed limitations of their legacy systems struggle to keep pace.

With a compact and cost-efficient platform, SQream fills the prescription for pharmaceuticals looking to rapidly ingest, analyze, explore, and derive value from their massive influx of data. Researchers can run ad-hoc queries to explore their data on more dimensions. With accelerated analytics feeding the drug-development pipeline, new medications, treatments, and devices can emerge with maximal safety and efficiency.

Accelerated Research

Compare thousands of DNA samples instead of just a handful to identify genetic markers over a large population. SQream cuts years off medical research.

Predictive Drug Development

Train your predictive models with massive molecular and clinical data to uncover new patterns and identify potential drug candidates and precision medicines.

Smarter Clinical Trials

Correlate data from more sources to improve the criteria for selecting patients, target specific populations, and run more effective clinical trials.

Sheba Medical Center Accelerates Cancer Research with SQream
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Accelerating SQL and BI Analytics
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