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Maximizing Manufacturing

In an industry where marginal improvements have a major impact, manufacturers should be analyzing all the data they can get their hands on.

With SQream integrated into their data pipeline, manufacturers can ingest, analyze, and correlate more data from more sources faster than ever before, to achieve and operationalize critical insights that enhance productivity and drive innovation. Rather than relying on small subsets, analyze your massive datasets for accurate predictive maintenance, optimized production, enhanced automation, reduced risk, and more.

Predictive Maintenance

Train your AI/ML models with massive data from various sources for accurate predictive insights that help minimize downtime, manage operational uncertainty, and reduce risk.

Optimized Production

SQream allows you to analyze fresh data more quickly and frequently, facilitating continuous optimization of asset performance, ongoing process improvement, and waste avoidance.

Improved Quality Testing

Correlate data from multiple sources to identify factors that cause quality inconsistencies. Drill down to examine every segment of the production process to reveal underperforming components.

Making the Most of Your Investment in Hadoop
If you're looking to get more from Hadoop, empower your data professionals with SQream. With a fully-featured SQL engine and GPU-accelerated performance, SQream can make the most complex of query workloads easy.
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Accelerating SQL and BI Analytics
Find out how you can turn your existing BI pipeline into a more powerful, GPU-accelerated data analytics system that will give your enterprise a competitive edge.
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Planning to Revamp Your Legacy Data Warehouse
In this webinar we examine how evolving business requirements have caused data warehouses to shift, focusing on massively growing data stores and the enablement of advanced data analytics and BI capabilities.
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Analytics Challenges and Solutions with Manufacturing
Discover use cases with SQream in manufacturing.
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