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Propelling Performance in Cybersecurity

The explosion of interconnected devices has created new vulnerabilities that hackers find increasingly sophisticated ways to exploit. SQream integrates into your security environment and SIEM solutions to rapidly analyze network activity for advanced and accurate threat detection.

Correlate live activity with long-term historical information for robust AI/ML algorithms and comprehensive insights. By accelerating the analysis of massive network data, SQream reduces the critical time to detection, making it possible to identify complex patterns, detect abnormal behavior earlier, and develop effective responses before cyber-attacks can occur.

Faster Threat Detection

SQream fast-tracks the ingest and analysis of petabytes of multi-sourced network data, so deviations can be swiftly identified and dealt with.

Comprehensive Network View

Correlate live events with months or years of historical data, for comprehensive insights that will keep you ahead of the most sophisticated cyber-threats.

Robust AI/ML Detection

Feed your AI/ML algorithms massive data from SQream, for robust threat detection with an extremely high level of accuracy.

Enhanced Cybersecurity Log Analytics
Learn how a leading software provider uses SQream alongside HP ArcSight to identify multi-stage breach patterns, improving the ROC curve over a broader range of events.
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Making the Most of Your Investment in Hadoop
If you're looking to get more from Hadoop, empower your data professionals with SQream. With a fully-featured SQL engine and GPU-accelerated performance, SQream can make the most complex of query workloads easy.
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Accelerating SQL and BI Analytics
Find out how you can turn your existing BI pipeline into a more powerful, GPU-accelerated data analytics system that will give your enterprise a competitive edge.
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Unlock Analytics Query Acceleration for Cybersecurity

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