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Adtech Analytics

As businesses realize the power of information to create successful marketing campaigns, data is becoming an integral part of Ad-tech. Leading Ad-tech companies use SQream to analyze petabytes of data in seconds for better targeting, engagement, segmentation and conversion. SQream enables Ad-tech providers to scale up cost-efficiently, and gain a competitive advantage for buying, optimizing, and getting the most value from their digital assets.

Better Advertising Yield

Super-accelerated SQL queries enable publishers to deliver a better yield for advertising property in a real time bidding exchange.

Accurate Retargeting

By basing their insights on larger datasets, marketers can sketch a detailed profile of their target customers for more effective retargeting.

Minimized Fraud

With fraud techniques becoming increasingly advanced, SQream feeds AI/ML algorithms massive data, for more accurate predictions that minimize advertising fraud.

PubMatic Uses SQream to Take Adtech Analytics to the Next Level
Discover how Pubmatic accelerates analytics to deliver more accurate insights for targeting, engagement, segmentation, and conversions, resulting in better yield and revenue.
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SQream Serves as a Speed Layer for Bid Optimizations
Learn how a leading omnichannel publishing platform uses SQream to accelerate reports and launch new services and functionalities with deeper analytics capabilities.
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Making the Most of Your Investment in Hadoop
If you're looking to get more from Hadoop, empower your data professionals with SQream. With a fully-featured SQL engine and GPU-accelerated performance, SQream can make the most complex of query workloads easy.
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