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Transforming Telecom Analytics in the
Era of 5G and IoT

In an everything-connected world, mobile operators face fierce competition to stand out by better serving customers, using ever-increasing amounts of data to provide insights that improve interactions and network quality. The surge of 5G and IoT will compound the pressure on already overloaded legacy systems with zettabytes of new data per year.

SQream enables telecoms to rapidly access and analyze their massive data to maximize their competitive edge. With unprecedented speed and flexibility, operators can uncover previously inaccessible insights about their infrastructure and customers.

Specifically for mobile operators, SQream provides the xDR Repository™, a big data SQL database platform that gives organizations a high-speed GPU-based columnar database with enormous scalability capabilities. xDR is a rapid and effective platform for making accurate predictions and reaching intelligent decisions – working directly from a single point of knowledge.

Network Optimization

With total query flexibility and accelerated processing, you can preempt network issues, plan resources more effectively, and reduce OPEX.

Improved QoS

Expand the historical timeframe of your queries to better predict periods of heavy network usage, relieve congestion and reduce dropped calls.

Customer 360

Correlate massive customer data to achieve a 360° view. Combine daily grinder trends with network QoS to tailor customer experience and reduce churn.

AIS Improves Customer Service and Network Operations
Learn how AIS improves customer services and network operations by implementing a Smart Benchmarking Dashboard powered by SQream.
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Cellcom Reduces Dropped Calls by 90%
Find out how Cellcom uses SQream to cost-effectively analyze network performance, improve customer experience, and increase network stability.
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ACL Achieves Deep Analytics and Reporting
Discover how ACL leverages SQream to improve their customer experience with deep data analytics, richer reports, and a self-service solution.
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How Telecoms Overcome Big Data Challenges
Learn how telecoms can unlock the intelligence hidden in their treasure troves of data by conquering three big data challenges.
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How Telecoms are Benefiting from their Massive Data Stores
In this webinar we examine how some leading telecom companies successfully uncover critical business intelligence from their massive data stores.
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How Telecoms Can Maximize Their Competitive Edge Using 5G Data
Find out how mobile operators use 5G data growth to propel business.
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How Telecoms Can Maximize Their Competitive Edge Using 5G Data
Explore real-world use cases of leading telecom organizations and the strategies they use to translate their fast-growing 5G data into network optimization, increased customer satisfaction, and new revenue streams.
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Use Case Network Monitoring & QoS
Read how a leading telecom operator used SQream to monitor and manage Network QoS over massive data.
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XDR Repository Brochure
Learn how SQream's xDR Repository™ helps engineers, marketers and data scientists in the telecom industry attain massive data value in one single solution.
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