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Power Your Dashboards with New Insights

If your dashboards aren’t keeping up with growing data, your legacy data pipelines may be the culprit. Legacy systems that weren’t designed for today’s scale of data often result in slow access to data, out-of-date-dashboards, and aggregated extracts reflecting only a small portion of your available data.

SQream integrates with your visualizer and BI tools to deliver rapid, ad-hoc analytics on terabytes to petabytes of raw data with unlimited dimensionality. With SQream DB under the hood, data professionals get up-to-the-minute dashboards with flexible drill-down capabilities. We partner with leading visualization and BI providers like Tableau.

Unrestricted Exploration

Join on any column without having to create cubes, projections, materialized views, or even indexing it ahead of time.

Critical Insights Unlocked

Run your most complex queries with ease, and gain access to critical business insights that were previously infeasible.

Always-Updated Dashboards

SQream’s accelerated processing of massive data enables fine-grained, drill-down dashboards that are always current

Fast fine-grained analytics with SQream and Tableau
Find out how to achieve high-performance visual analytics with greater dimensionality on any scale of data.
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AIS Implements Smart Networking Dashboard
Learn how AIS improve customer services and network operations by implementing a Smart Benchmarking Dashboard powered by SQream.
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Tableau Dashboards: The Insights You’re Not Seeing
This webinar explores why many data professionals find that their dashboards aren’t keeping up with their growing data, and how to achieve fine-grained dashboards that are always current.
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