Recommended Hardware Configuration for SQream DB

A modern data warehouse for the most demanding data teams


Always Available

Centralized data means any node can access data, all the time

Any hardware

SQream DB can be deployed on any Linux and NVIDIA CUDA capable server

Modular Design

SQream DB decouples compute and storage, so scaling is easy in both storage and compute

Customizable deployment

Deploy what you need now, grow when you need

Superior Scaling with a Distributed Solution

Scaling to unlimited data sizes and any number of data consumers is key to SQream DB. By decoupling compute resources from storage, it is possible to scale only storage, only compute, or both - a key factor in providing excellent performance for organizations of any size, while reducing costs. Growing the system in either direction doesn’t affect the data availability or integrity, which means that SQream DB can scale to virtually unlimited data sizes.

Multi-node SQream DB scaling

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Our reference architecture document is intended for influencers and decision makers, IT and system architects, system administrators, and experienced users who are interested in a comprehensive reference for a SQream DB installation

SQream DB reference architecture for 50-100 users


IBMSQream DB is certified for the IBM AC922 POWER9 server with NVLink
SQream DB for IBM POWER ↗
IBM Redbook Featuring SQream DB ↗

Dell PowerEdge

Dell PowerEdge C4140SQream DB is certified on a wide range of Dell PowerEdge servers
SQream DB on Dell EMC PowerEdge R940xa ↗
SQream DB Reference Architecture ↗


Axellio EdgeSQream DB is certified on the converged Axellio Edge platform
SQream DB and Axellio ↗