Recommended Hardware Configuration
for SQream DB

While SQream DB can run on any NVIDIA GPU-enabled hardware, we have some recommendations to achieve the best performance

On-premise Standalone

This configuration is the simplest. Get started with SQream DB with a single-box solution, that has both storage and compute in one convenient package

Dell-EMC PowerEdge R740 with NVIDIA P100s

Dell-EMC R730/R740 based solution

HP DL380g10 with NVIDIA Tesla P100s

HP DL380g9/g10 based solution


Chassis capable of housing 2 or more NVIDIA Tesla GPUs

Examples: Dell R730/R740, Cisco UCS C240 M4, HP DL380g10, Lenovo System x3650 M5, Supermicro SYS-2028U / 6028U


Dual Intel Xeon E5-2600 v4 processor with at least 8C/16HT (each)

Recommended: Intel Xeon E5-2697 v4


256 GB RAM per logical GPU

Recommended: 512GB


2x NVIDIA Tesla series GPUs, like the P100 and V100

Recommended: 2x Tesla P100

Storage configuration

LUNRecommended amountSizeConfiguration
Fast spool2x400GB SSDRAID1
Data10x600GB SAS / 600GB SSDRAID5/6

On-premise Distributed

This configuration is the most flexible one. In this multi-node solution, scaling up for more concurrency and storage is easiest

Dell C4130/C4140 with 4 NVIDIA Tesla P100s

Dell-EMC C4130 HPC solution

Superior Scaling with a Distributed Solution

This is the preferred method for larger installations of SQream DB, as it allows for superior scaling in both compute power and storage. It can be paired with any SAN/NAS, from a variety of vendors.

Multi-node SQream DB scaling

Contact your SQream representative to have this solution tailored for your needs. Our experienced engineers can match the right hardware and software stack for your current and future needs.


SQream DB is also available on the public cloud

Check out our cloud offering