SQream DB Features

Ingest and Connectivity

2TB / Hour / GPU

SQream DB can load up to 2TB per hour, per GPU - while compressing and tagging data

Load from any data source

Import data from any data source, either directly from SQream DB with SQL semantics or with an ETL tool


SQream DB supports JDBC, ODBC, .Net as standard connectors, as well as Python and C++ APIs in order to fit your apps and tools.

Tableau and SQream DB

Advanced SQL Support

Complex Joins

Combine data from many tables - JOIN any table, on any key (or keys), and without manual indexing or pre-aggregating

Window Functions, Aggregations

Get more perspectives on your data, in fewer queries

Saved Queries

Saved queries allow for faster repeatable operations, when only a few parameters change

REGEX and Text Operations

SQream DB supports all ANSI text operations, as well as Regex and pattern matching

Advanced Query Optimizer

Our query optimizer will find the best way to run your query.
You can also use hints!

Views and CTEs

SQream supports views, common table expressions and other expression simplifiers, to help you write clearer queries

Storage and Security

Always-On Compression

SQream DB compresses everything, all the time. This saves I/O, and is possible because of the power of the GPU

Powerful Columnar Engine

SQream DB, like other analytics databases, is a columnar database. This means not only is the data highly compressed, but adding more data doesn't slow down your existing queries.



Scale storage by adding more, well, storage...
Scale to more users by adding more GPUs or compute nodes


No (theoretical) limits

SQream DB is designed without limits. THere is no limit on the amount of columns, rows, data or anything

Isolated Serializable Transactions

SQream DB has transparent commit, rollback and recovery, with full isolation - which means your data is always safe and consistent

Role-based permissions

Your database administrators control access with SQream DB's extensive role-based permission system

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