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SQream DB Embedded
SQL Database

The onslaught of the Massive Data Era is felt by solution providers who have big data analytics modules built into their offerings. Performance decreases and other functionality comes to a halt as complex queries run with multi-dimensional analytics.

Trying to resolve these issues with remote service is problematic at best when even possible. It is imperative that the database for solutions with heavy analytics crunching provide a reliable small footprint, yet full-featured HPC system, to ensure maximum analytics performance even as the solution data grows.

Ensure HPC
of Critical Reports
Provide Multi-Dimensional Analytics
Scale as Solution Data Grows
Manage Huge
Data Volumes
SQream scales to virtually unlimited data sizes. Grow from to terabytes to petabytes without having to expand expensive legacy systems.
Deliver Extremely
Fast Analytics
You need the load and query performance to ensure timely and relevant analytics. SQream rapidly ingests data and processes trillions of rows of data.
Embedded machine learning algorithms are critical for predictive and prescriptive analytics. SQream iteratively learns from new data and eventuates software solutions to a new level of intelligence.
Support Data
The new class of data scientists use tools like Java, Python, and R to create predictive analytics. SQream makes it easier to spot trends, uncover anomalies, and expect the unexpected.
Use Highly Advanced
Whereas many platforms analyze a single table or a simple lookup, SQream can analyze dozens of tables, hundreds of data types, dimensions, and attributes from numerous sources over several years.
Require Minimal
Enterprises have been conditioned to administer databases for optimal performance. SQream tunes and manages backup and interface with minimal oversight.

Download Reference Architecture for a look inside SQream

Our reference architecture document provides a technical look inside SQream DB, along with guidance on the correct configuration details for installation.