SQream DB and Tableau

Tableau extends SQream DB with interactive visual analytics on big data

Unlimited data = Better insights

SQream DB can scale to virtually unlimited data sizes

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SQream DB is easy to deploy. Take back control of your data

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Unrestricted dimensions

Unfettered access to all raw data adds dimensionality to your analytics

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SQream DB and Tableau

SQream DB and Tableau are the ideal solution for getting great visual analytics out of your big data. With SQream DB as Tableau’s back-end, users like you can get high-performance visual analytics on any scale of data.

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Unlimited data = better insights

SQream DB brings a new approach to data warehousing. From the user’s perspective, it’s a standard analytic SQL database, but the underlying architecture is that of a GPU-accelerated data warehouse with a highly automated “Load-and-Go” process designed to make data processing easy.

Load-and-Go - SQream DB's loading and querying explained

Any person or company using Tableau can take advantage of SQream DB’s raw-data-is-king approach. Because SQream DB implements standard SQL and standard ODBC connectivity, any user can connect and begin data exploration within seconds, with no limitations on the dimensionality or depth of the query.

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Fast, Fine-grained analytics with SQream DB and Tableau

Let SQream DB do the work

SQream DB is optimized for exploration and ad-hoc querying. Within seconds, the resulting data set is sent back to Tableau in “Live” mode, ensuring the results are always up-to-date.

In this demo, SQream DB analyzes 33.6 billion raw records with a 3-way JOIN, feeding Tableau with aggregated, easy-to-visualize data

  • Advanced Info Service Plc Logo
    SQream helps us to keep pace with rapidly increasing data usage and translate that data into real benefits for our customers
    Suppachai Panichayunon
    Head of Solution Design and Architect, AIS
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    With our aim to be future ready, SQream helps us reduce the query time and create value for our customers.
    Ajit Singh
    Sr. VP Engineering, ACL Mobile
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    We saw a tremendously cost effective way to get comprehensive analytic abilities we didn’t have before SQream.
    RF Group Leader
    RF Group Leader, Cellcom
  • Orange
    SQream and Orange demonstrate x100 cost performance removing limits of databases.
    Pascal Déchamboux
    Director of Software & Technical Architecture, Orange Corporate IT
  • Sheba Hospital
    SQream is helping us to cut years of cancer research on large genomic datasets.
    Prof. Gideon Rechavi
    Head of Sheba Medical Center, Cancer Research Center

See how easily SQream DB deploys in your ecosystem

SQream DB's automatic tuning is a key enabler for analyzing data without intermediate steps. The raw, brute power of the GPU allows SQream DB to analyze data immediately after load. This is in stark contrast to most data warehouses, which require time-consuming and insight-limiting processes like indexing, cubing, projecting, etc.

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  • SQream DB Deployment

SQream is a Tableau Technology Partner

Tableau Partner

Tableau Software helps people understand data. It lets anyone analyze and visualize information quickly.

As a Tableau Technology Partner, SQream harnesses the visual platform provided by Tableau, and enhances it with the Big Data capabilities of SQream DB.

Unrestricted dimensionality

SQream DB is optimized for exploration and ad-hoc querying. The relevant data for the query is identified by SQream DB, and all relational operations and transforms are run on the GPU.

A key feature to opening up additional dimensions is the ability to join on any column without having to create cubes, projections, materialized views, or even indexing it ahead of time. This is a feature unique to SQream DB.SQream DB’s automated approach, like the Load-and-Go architecture, automatic adaptive compression, and dynamic workload management (WLM) means that it dynamically responds to changes in the analytic workload. Unlike many other data warehouses and databases, SQream DB attempts to automatically tune queries and system resources on-the-fly.

Experiencing slowness with your Tableau setup?

Many data professionals have to deal with slow Tableau dashboards due to outdated or improperly provisioned infrastructure. Read our free white paper about a new generation data solution that transfers control back to the data professional by allowing greater dimensionality and much faster querying of larger amounts of data.

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