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Integrates with Your ETL Tools

In today’s dynamic market, having fast access to your massive data is key. But when ETL processes take hours, the insights we derive from that data may no longer be relevant. From cyber-attack prevention to location-based advertising, data latency can be the difference between success or failure in time-sensitive applications.

SQream integrates with your organization’s existing tools to significantly accelerate the ETL phase of your data pipeline, minimizing time-to-insight. With full SQL support, any ETL tool or application can connect and offload heavy database operations to SQream for number crunching and insight gathering, relieving pressure on overloaded systems.

Fast Data Ingest

Ingest up to 3.5 TB per hour per from varied sources, through a variety of industry-accepted ETL tools, or directly from flat files like CSV or Parquet.

Full SQL Support

With SQream, there’s no need to maintain third party operations or external code snippets. Full SQL support means you easily integrate your existing ETL and offload resource-intensive data operations.

ODBC/JDBC Connections

SQream easily integrates into your existing ecosystem, connecting to third party ETL and business intelligence tools via standard ODBC/JDBC connections.

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