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Demand Best-Performing AI/ML

Massive data is the key to successful AI/ML. The more data used in the training, testing, and validation phases, the more accurate and significant the results. Yet most enterprises are able to utilize only a small portion of their exponentially growing data.

Through GPU-accelerated processing, SQream powers robust, accurate, and reliable AI/ML models. SQream interfaces with common ML frameworks like Spark MLib, R, and TensorFlow, feeding them massive data after it has been “sliced and diced” with standard SQL preparation techniques.

Unrestricted Access

Gain unrestricted access to your massive raw data, with the ability to classify and segment without time-consuming preparation.

Accurate Algorithms

SQream rapidly analyzes massive datasets, for more comprehensive model training and accurate AI/ML algorithms.

Massive Scalability

SQream scales to virtually unlimited data sizes. Grow from terabytes to petabytes without having to expand expensive legacy systems.

Accelerated Analytics for AI/ML
Learn how SQream enables the analysis of significantly more data faster, so you can achieve new and critical insights from your AI/ML models and algorithms
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Accelerating SQL and BI Analytics
Learn how you can turn your existing BI pipeline into a more powerful, GPU-accelerated data analytics system that will accelerate your analytics from days to hours and hours to minutes.
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Improve Your AI Models and ML Algorithms

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