DevOps Engineer

SQream DB is an analytic GPU database designed to handle tens to hundreds of terabytes of data and beyond, with ease.

SQream’s DevOps team responsibilities are spread across the product quality, stability, testing automation frameworks and cloud deployment processes. We are looking for a talented and motivated engineer to join our awesome team!

Apply if the query below projects your name.

SELECT     a.* 
FROM       candidate a 
INNER JOIN candidateattributes b 
ON         a.candidateid = b.candidateid 
INNER JOIN candidateskills c 
ON         a.candidateskillid = c.skillid 
INNER JOIN candidatepreferredskills d 
ON         a.candidateid = d.candidateid 
INNER JOIN candidateskillexperience e 
ON         c. candidateid = e.candidateid 
AND        d.skillid = e.skillid 
AND        b.attributename IN (‘fun’, 
                               ’team player’, 
                               ’delivers IN tight deadlines’) 
AND        c.skillname IN (‘java, 
                           ’big data’, 
AND        d.preferredskillname IN (‘cloud’, 
AND        e.experienceyears >= 2

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