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InsideBigDataAbove the Trend Line

July 29, 2020


Information Management: Why data mining is essential for AdTech practices

June 6,2017

IBM developerWorks The GPU Database Revolution: Why Business Will Never Be the Same

May 29,2017

CustomerThink How Big Data Analytics are Empowering Customer’s Acquisition in Native Advertising

May 22,2017

Calcalist: רוצים השקעה של מיליון דולר? יש לכם 11 דקות

May 21,2017

Entrepreneur: How Big Data Analytics Is Solving Big Advertiser Problems

May 16,2017

Globes: Globes and Pelephones' IoT on the Bar Meetup - Panel with SQream, Sisense and BreezoMeter

May 3,2017

DisruptorDaily: Top 10 Big Data Companies to Watch in 2017

March 27, 2017

insideBIGDATA: Guide to Artificial Intelligence & Deep Learning

March 13, 2017

CloudTweaks: How Big Data Can Empower Native Ads

March 8, 2017

SalesForce: SQream in Salesforce - Looking Ahead: the Impact of Big Data on Native Advertising

March 6, 2017

TechTarget: SQream Technologies: GPU-accelerated computing makes its way into the data center

February 21, 2017

Forbes Israel:ההזדמנות שלכם: 5 סטארט-אפים ישראליים מובילים שמגייסים עובדים

February 16, 2017

Engadget: The Tech Behind Data Privacy and National Security

January 5, 2017

IDG CIO: How privacy and personalization intersect in our data-filled world

November 30,2016

TheNextWeb: 6 Big Data companies to watch in 2017

November 22,2016

NVIDIA: How Businesses Can Create Value Out of Massive Datasets, the GPU Way

October 25,2016

Inside Big Data: Interview: Jim McHugh, GM of the Deep Learning Group at NVIDIA

October 18,2016

Insight Success: Ami Gal: A True Entrepreneur at Heart

October 7,2016

Datanami: GPUs Seen Lifting SQL Analytic Constraints

October 4,2016

INC: These Companies Are Shaping The Face of Big Data

HuffPost: The IoT and Big Data: Making The Connection

September 25,2016

The Next Platform: Pushing Database Scalability Up And Out With GPUs

September 22,2016

Forbes: 3 Developing Industries Literally Changing The World This Year

September 19,2016

1IT Enterprise: SQream Technologies: Solving Pressing Big Data Challenges with a Next Generation GPU Database - Recognized as one of the 25 Most Empowering Big Data Companies 2016

September 12,2016

InsightsSuccess: SQream Technologies: Rising Above New Big Data Challenges - 10 Fastest Growing Financial Solution Provider Companies

September 7,2016

MarketingProfs: The Flip Side of Targeted Marketing

September 7,2016

SAS Learning Post: Trends in analytics with Zencos

August 26, 2016

CIO Review: SQream Technologies: Among 20 Most Promising Cyber Security Solution Providers 2016

August 23, 2016

Dataconomy: Q&A with Big Data Thought Leader, Ami Gal – Data Natives Tel Aviv 2016

August 15, 2016

Geektime: לנתח כמות עצומה של מידע במהירות שיא - על הפיתוח של חברת סקרים טכנולוגיות הישראלית

August 3, 2016

Jeff Bullas: 3 Ingenious Ways to Create Data-Driven Marketing Campaigns

July 21, 2016

IBM Cloud: Strike gold 100x faster - SQream’s ZBDB delivers powerful analytics on IBM Cloud

June 28, 2016

Geektime: The data nation: Why Israel is becoming a major hotspot for data science

June 27, 2016

Forbes: 5 Startups Changing The Future Of Gaming

June 7, 2016

Dataconomy: Big Data Blogs

June 6, 2016

Beta News: How gaming technology lead to the VR revolution

May 26, 2016

HuffPost: How Tech Is Helping Us Fight Terrorism

April 25, 2016

BarnRaisers: 15 best Big Data Companies and why they matter

April 11, 2016

Virgin: How to find a co-founder for your tech start-up

March 31, 2016

TheNextWeb: Up for the ride? Where self-driving cars are really taking us

March 28, 2016

Banking CIO Outlook: SQream Ranked Among Banking CIO Outlook's Top 10 Banking Analytics Solution Providers 2016

March 11, 2016

CIO Review: Expeditious xDR Repository Solution Promoted by SQream for Telecoms

March 8, 2016

Globes: Globes and Pelephones' IoT on the Bar Meetup - Panel with SQream, Sisense and BreezoMeter

May 3, 2017

Fast Company: 3 Reasons Why Employee Engagement Isn't Enough

March 1, 2016

Tech.Co: 3 Tools to Safeguard Your Big Data in the Cloud

March 1, 2016

Social Media Today: 3 Ways Big Data Is Improving Telecom

February 29, 2016

iHLS: SQream – Big Data on your video card

February 26, 2016

Israel21C: Interactive map spotlights Israeli cyber expertise - SQream iincluded

January 27, 2016

The Times of Israel: 5 Israeli Tech Startups Crushing Their Overseas Competition

January 27, 2016

IT Pro Portal: Stop neglecting your Dark Data

January 25, 2016

GenomeWeb: Increased Competition, Investments Among Hallmarks of Bioinformatics Market in 2015

December 31, 2015

StorageServers: These are the coolest big data startups of 2015!

December 30, 2015

Tech.Co: These Are the Big Data Startups That Won 2015

December 28, 2015

CODE_n Alumni | Catching up with … SQream Technologies!

December 23, 2015

INC: 5 Startups Aiming To Make Sci-Fi A Reality in 2016

December 18, 2015

Glilot Capital: Mapping Israel’s DevOps Startups

December 13, 2015

SiliconIndia: Startup of The Year 2015 - Big Data - SQream Technologies

December 7, 2015

CIO Story: SQream: Ranked among CIO Story's 50 Most Powerful Big Data Vendors

December 1, 2015

Forbes: From Space Invaders To Curing Cancer: The Rise of GPUs

November 30, 2015

CB Insights: The Periodic Table Of Israeli Tech

November 25, 2015

Innovation Endeavors: Innovation Endeavors Shares IoT Outlook for Israel

November 19, 2015

Globes: מאיץ הסטארט-אפים החרדי קמא-טק

November 16, 2015

Web Summit: Angels’ Choice Award: Wednesday’s picks

November 5, 2015

Israel21c: How big data can save lives

August 24, 2015

CB Insights: 12 Israeli Enterprise Startups To Watch

August 17, 2015

The Israel Conference: BIG Data You Can SQream About

June 12, 2015

GenomeWeb: SQream Raises $7.4M in Funding Round

June 9, 2015

Geektime: This insanely fast big data startup uses only one server – and just got $7.4M in funding

June 9, 2015

Wall Street Journal: SQream Scores $7.4 Million to Analyze Big Data Faster

June 8, 2015

Bioscience Technology: GenomeStack Big Data Analytics Database

May 28, 2015

Globes: סטארט-אפ בשבוע: מאגר מידע עוצמתי לפיענוח הגנום. תמונה שווה טרה בייט מילים: חברת סקרים טכנולוגיות משתמשת במעבד גרפי כדי לבנות מאגר מידע מהיר במיוחד

May 18, 2015

Bio-IT World: SQream Technologies released GenomeStack, a platform that replaces the traditional file-based process for storing and analyzing genome sequence data

April 27, 2015

Datanami: A Shoebox-Size Data Warehouse Powered by GPUs

April 22, 2015

GenomeWeb: SQream Enters Life Science Domain with Launch of GenomeStack

April 21, 2015

Realwire: Tech Trailblazers Awards quest for regional startup talent complete: Regional Cup Winners revealed

February 18, 2015

IT Pro Portal: How Big Data is helping to map the human genome

February 3, 2015 החזון של סקרים הוא להקים חברת ביג דטה ענקית מישראל ולהוביל על שחקנים כמו יבמ ואורקל

February 1, 2015

All Analytics: GPUs Deliver Supercharged Analytics

June 23, 2014

Healthcare Global: SQream Technologies' Big Data database will revolutionize healthcare

April 09, 2014

Dataconomy: SQream Technologies – Removing Limits of SQL Databases

April 2, 2014

Enterprise Tech: Telco Calls On GPU-Native SQream SQL Database

March 28, 2014

Geektime: SQream Tech unveils new big data platform

March 27, 2014

Inside Big Data: Video: SQream Technologies Powers Big Data Insight with GPUs

March 26, 2014

NVIDIA: IBM, Orange Use GPUs for Next Generation Enterprise Big Data Analytics at GTC

March 21, 2014

Venture Beat: Inside Nvidia’s plan to give $100K to the next hot emerging startup (interview)- “SQream will knock your socks off…”

March 7, 2014

Dataconomy: Big Data Blogs - Big Data Influencers

February 18, 2014

Stock News Now: SQream Technologies Ltd. - Delivering Big Data Analytics to Help Businesses Grow

September 6, 2013

IATI: SQream Blasts Through Big Data 10-Times Faster Than CPUs

August 26, 2013

NVIDIA: SQream Uses GPUs to Blast Through Big Data 10-Times Faster Than CPUs

August 21, 2013

Nowster: 7 Hot Startups Presented at The Israel Conference FutureFest

June 23, 2013

Digital Journal: SQream’s Analytics Engine and Mellanox’s FDR 56Gb/s InfiniBand with NVIDIA GPUDirect Bring Unparalleled Performance Benefits to Customers

March 19, 2013

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