xDR Repository

xDR Repository is a big data SQL database platform developed specifically for the Telecommunications industry. xDR Repository empowers engineers, data scientists, analysts and marketers in the Telecom industry to extract value from their ever-growing data volume. xDR is a rapid and effective platform for making accurate predictions and reaching intelligent decisions – working directly from a single point of knowledge, gathered by an ultra-rapid, large-capacity, petabyte scalable and cost-effective big data analytics SQL database solution.

With xDR Repository Telecoms are now able to enjoy the strengths of a high-speed GPU-based (Graphic Processing Unit) columnar database, exhibiting enormous scalability capabilities – leveraged by a high-capacity NAS dataset management storage system, with transparent CDR-specific compression capabilities.

As the digital revolution gains pace, and Telecom service providers are flooded with big data constantly generated from multiple sources, and so are faced with a growing challenge. IP traffic, log data, location data and more are now generated in speed and volume like never before. Telecoms need to store this data and gain insights from it in real time.

xDR Repository allows engineers, marketers and data scientists to attain massive data value in one single solution – store it, and analyze it. Rapidly.

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“Utilizing the SQream DB has allowed Orange Silicon Valley to benchmark in its labs the querying of larger data sets consisting of 18 billion call detail records (CDRs) against a range of other approaches using many servers or CPUs. In these tests, we found that it allowed such procedures in a shorter amount of time, with much less hardware, and therefore at a lower cost.”

Pascal Déchamboux

Director of Software & Technical Architecture, Orange Corporate IT