Why a GPU database?

A single GPU PCIe card may have up to 4992 processors as opposed to a CPU card with 32 cores. The GPU processors (Graphic Processing Unit) are specifically designed to perform high-volume and high-velocity numerical computations on both fixed and floating point values.

SQream has patented and proprietary technology that uses a GPU card as a massively parallel processor tailored to process complex SQL queries:

  • Powered by GPUs – Relies on GPUs for power, not on RAM; Thousands of GPU cores
  • Fast – Columnar storage; Always on compression; 2 TB ingestion speed / hour / GPU
  • Scalable – 10 TB to 1 PB with ease
  • SQL Database – Familiar ANSI SQL; Standard connectors

Query latency at scale

Complex queries contain multiple filters, type conversions, complex predicates, exotic join semantics, subqueries and many of them.
When running this kind of query on large data sets (>100 terabytes in billions of rows in several tables), the number of numerical computations performed is a product of the complexity of the query predicates and the number of rows to be processed.
Even when distributed, a conventional query engine using CPUs alone cannot deliver the result within an acceptable period. The query latency is huge, ranging from many minutes to hours.

SQream DB can execute the same query on the same data set with a latency of seconds to minutes.

Just how powerful is a GPU?

Watch a demo of a GPU vs a CPU:





SQream DB – GPU Database

SQream utilizes the massive parallel processing powers of GPUs (Graphic Processing Units) for dealing with heavy analytical workloads. The supercomputing powers of the GPU combined with SQream’s patented technology, results in up to 100 times faster analytics performance on terabyte-petabyte scale data sets.


SQream DB uses GPU technology to improve the performance of columnar queries by at least 20x on large data sets, while reducing the hardware required to perform the query. Typically a single 2U server equipped with a GPU is equivalent to a 42U rack full of servers.

Delivering a major technology boost speed- scale and capacity wise, requiring much less hardware and no special skill sets – translates into the most cost-effective on-premise big data analytics solution available in the market.



SQream DB™ on the cloud combines performance, flexibility and ease-of-use, empowering your query experience and making data discovery easy. SQream DB™ allows you to make the best use of your readily available resources and to focus on insights and the core of your business, instead of infrastructure.

GPU database bottom line

SQream’s patented software delivers a ground breaking flexibility in an interactive business environment where rapid insights from large datasets are time critical for data-driven business decision making. With minimum cost and infrastructure changes required, SQream DB™ enables businesses to interact dynamically with their digital assets, by easily ingesting, storing and analyzing hundreds of terabytes and beyond in near real-time. SQream DB is designed with simplicity in mind, to fit in almost any IT environment, and usable by anyone with even basic SQL knowledge.