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Billboards that Think: The Big Data and Advertising Revolution

In the digital age, it’s easy to forget a timeless truism of brick and mortar success: Location, location, location.
Businesses such as telco’s and retailers need to know where their potential customers are, as well as where they will be over the entire lifetime of the investment they make in a physical space.
For this reason, businesses are increasingly turning to Big Data.
With smartphone penetration rates on the rise around the globe, the proliferation of location infrastructure are set to go mainstream. And by harnessing Big Data technology, location has the power to derive value from an increasingly complex data landscape.

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SQream DB and Tableau – Making Big Data Exploration Accessible

Pretty much any user, with any level of experience can create actionable, reactive Tableau dashboards with varying levels of granularity. SQream DB can answer Tableau’s questions in Live mode, without creating pre-aggregated tables, normalizing the database, distributing tables carefully, projections, materialized views, temporary tables, etc. These are unnecessary, with SQream DB’s clever algorithms and patented GPU technology.

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Let’s Get Personal: Big Data Makes Targeted Marketing Possible

Big Data analytics platforms make it possible to better understand segmented audiences by providing near real time actionable insights about them, allowing campaign customization in increasingly refined ways. Marketers can use technology to maximize speed and analytics optimization so as to meaningfully connect with more people, in a more personalized manner – ultimately converting knowledge into business growth.

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Gambling on the Cloud: How Big Data is Changing the Gaming Industry

Cloud-based solutions could be the key to the development of video games. By replacing more complex, expenensive alternatives that require heavy IT involvement with a high performing, scalable, service-based analytics solution, Big Data is being harnessed more quickly and effectively by both established gaming companies as well as newcomers.

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