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The Rapid Convergence of Big Data and the Cloud

While many corporate executives initially dismissed the buzz surrounding Big Data as nothing more than hype, a seismic shift in perception is taking place.
In today’s global, rapidly evolving marketplace, leading organizations are recognizing the value of Big Data and its major role in an enterprise’s ability to stay one step ahead of the competition. As a result, enterprises are creating new business models, with a fundamentally rethinking of their approach to data center architecture and management. Companies that don’t keep up with the changing business landscape are simply being left behind.

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You Say You Want a Revolution? IoT, Big Data Powering Driverless Cars

In 1985, the Back to the Future science fiction-adventure film presented a far-out vision of life that includes everything from hover boards to self-tying shoes.
Over thirty years after the movie was released, it is amazing to see how accurate many of its predictions have been.
No, a DeLorean time machine hasn’t been invented yet. However, automated vehicles capable of navigating without human input are increasingly making the leap from the drawing board to the open road.
Smart cars, wearable technology and brain-controlled/wireless video games are three examples of how the Internet of Things (IoT) is facilitating the creation of crazy new technologies and products.

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Can Big Data Better Serve the Public?

As the digital data universe grows bigger by the day local and national governments are embracing innovative methods to harness Big Data technology to better serve citizens.
Initially, the unparalleled performance of Big Data platforms were seized upon by the private sector as a revolutionary way to boost analytics performance and rapidly grow a company’s revenues.
As Big Data has matured and transformed into a mainstream business agenda, governments around the world are realizing its potential as a key decision maker.

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Big Data to the Rescue? Cyber Attacks Rank as Major Global Threat in 2016

While companies are increasingly taking advantage of Big Data technology to improve operations, increase sales, and lower costs, many are discovering that mining usable information from large amounts of data can also be used to enhance security by offering a broader view of risks and vulnerabilities. The growing threat of cyber attacks was a major topic of concern at the recent 2016 World Economic Forum (WEF). According to the WEF’s 11th annual Global Risks Report, cyber-attacks rank in the top ten threats in 140 economies. In North America, cyber-attacks are cited as the greatest risk to doing business while Asia and Europe, increasingly reliant on connected technologies, are fearful as well.

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Could Big Data Have Saved David Bowie? How Cancer Care Treatment is Being Transformed

When David Bowie succumbed to cancer at the age of 69, just two days after the release of his final album, the pop chameleon who created the wildly diverse soundtrack to my life undoubtedly took with him a treasure trove of musical masterpieces that will never be heard. Had he lived another 18 months could David Bowie have been cured?
Cancer care is being transformed through the application of Big Data technology. Databases are being developed that can bring widely distributed data together, adding value by identifying hidden links and presenting the key information easily. Precision medicine techniques, including next-generation genomic sequencing, have the potential to revolutionize the development of treatments for seriously ill patients across the spectrum of clinical care.

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