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Leading technology, service and solution providers have already partnered with SQream Technologies, and we’re always happy to hear from global distributors, strategic OEM alliance partners, system integrators and strategic partners, interested in adding big data analytics solutions to their offerings. A key component of our growth strategy is a long-term solid relationship with partners who share our values and beliefs, who are able to translate our vision into revenue yielding actions.

The primary goals of our Partner Program are to ensure that we are adding significant value to your customers, are easy to work with and contribute to your revenue growth. As data is being generated in speed, variety and volume like never before, and our customers’ needs are so diverse, SQream Technologies recognizes that by using the services and expertise of carefully selected partners, we can provide more comprehensive solutions to our customers.

SQream’s partner programs are designed to deliver shared benefits for all parties involved by leveraging our unique solutions to fast and scalable sales processes – driving increased customer value and satisfaction with more innovative, cost-effective big data analytics database solutions. SQream’s solutions are available on-premise, allowing customers of different sizes and needs to find the best solution for their unique functional and financial requirements. We invite prospective partners to contact us directly for more details on our value proposition and selling points.

SQream offers three different types of partner programs:

  • SQream Reseller Program
  • SQream Solution Provider Program
  • SQream Managed Service Provider Program

To learn more about our different partner programs, contact [email protected]

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