Marketing and Advertising Technology

Online marketing and advertising is bigger than ever. Nowadays, 25% of advertising is spent online and most of it for getting the right advertising to the right person at the right moment, on the right device. The growth of advertising has been fueled by the development of retargeting and real time bidding (RTB).

However, while companies glean a wealth of information about target markets and their behavior from online activity, point-of-sale transactions, loyalty programs and public domain databases, accumulating data is not enough to gain a competitive edge.

In a super-connected world marketers are increasingly using Big Data to optimize their digital advertising in ways that integrate seamlessly with people’s busy lives so as to generate highly relevant interactions. Laying the infrastructure required to perform analytics on the accumulated data is therefore critical. The trouble is that the task is both time- and resource-intensive. For organizations that can’t afford to invest in servers and man hours to handle Big Data workloads, tapping into the cloud is a valid alternative to maintaining a costly infrastructure.


SQream for Marketing Technologies

SQream Technologies provides marketing and advertising technology companies with Big Data analytics software solutions allowing them to ingest huge amounts of data, process and analyze it, in real-time – doing so through a cloud analytics DWH platform or through an on-premise solution requiring much less hardware than other key market players.

With SQream, up to 60% of the monthly costs related to campaign analytics can be reduced. How?



1. Cloud

SQream offers marketing and advertising companies a cloud-based Analytics-As-A-Service platform, called ZBDB, for optimizing ad campaigns – speed, scale and capacity wise – at a fixed rate with no hidden costs.

TB scale storage and x millions/billions of records for immediate streamed analytics at minimal investment.

SQream’s ZBDB is a fully-managed ultra-fast analytics data warehouse as-a-service platform on SoftLayer by IBM cloud. ZBDB enables marketing and advertising companies to scale up and get real time analytics, while keeping it cost-effective, hassle-free and secure.

ZBDB’s core, SQream DB is an analytic database built from scratch to harness the unique performance of graphical processors (GPUs) for real-time handling of petabyte-scale data.


2. On Premise

SQream DB is a GPU-based (Graphic Processing Unit) Big Data Analytics SQL database exhibiting new levels of speed, scale, size and simplicity, delivering up to 100 times faster big data analytics than any other key market players.

With SQream the power of a full-rack database machine is condensed into a single standard 2u server. Requiring much less hardware than other Big Data solutions translates into a much more cost-effective approach to the marketing and advertising industry.


3. Hybrid Solution (Cloud + On Premise)

SQream’s cloud solution (ZBDB) can also be implemented as a hybrid solution, when integrated with SQream DB – allowing marketing technology companies to start in the cloud and ‘descend’ to their data center.


SQream’s ability to handle petabytes of stored and online data in real-time, provides marketing companies with the long awaited for technology that can leverage their competitive advantage in regards to buying, optimizing, and tracking all their existing media.

Once a marketing strategy is developed, SQream’s Big Data metrics show the best possible channels for those efforts to be implemented.

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DOWNLOAD Telecom Case Study

DOWNLOAD Telecom Case Study

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