Industry Overview

Big data is an all-encompassing term for any collection of data sets so large and complex that it becomes difficult to process using traditional data processing applications.

According to Wikibon the Big Data market as measured by vendor revenue derived from sales of related hardware, software and services reached $18.6 Billion in calendar year 2013. That represents a growth rate of 58% over the previous year. The forecast for 2014 is $29 Billion. Breaking it down by sub-types – an approx $23.12 Billion for compute, infra- structure software, SQL, apps and analytics, professional services and cloud.

Wikibon expects the Big Data Market to reach a $50.1 Billion of worth, by 2017.

IDC predicts that the market for Big Data technologies will reach $32.4 billion by 2017 (around 6 times the growth rate of the overall information and communication technology market).


Source: 451 Research

Source: 451 Research (October, 2014)


SQream Technologies Targeted Industries


With a broad spectrum of solutions, SQream Technologies targets mainly five verticals – Genome, Cyber Security, Telecom, IoT and Finance.

Genome research

Genome research institutions are faced with a growing challenge related to their rapidly-growing data, constantly generated from multiple sources. Genomes need to store and analyze their large sets of data, faster, at a significantly better cost performance. SQream Technologies provides bioinformatics researchers, data scientists, analysts and marketers in the Genome industry with a new set of tools to rapidly extract time-critical knowledge that has been unattainable scale- and speed-wise thus far, enabling them to get to the answers they are looking for – way ahead of the competition. With SQream genomes are able to quickly discover patterns and other insights necessary for making accurate predictions and reaching intelligent decisions, in order to advance research.

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Cybar security

SQream Technologies empowers CISOs with a more effective way to proactively detect, prevent and remediate rapidly-increasing cyber-attacks, by connecting and correlating high volume of multi-sources data. With SQream, organizations are able to identify patterns and suspicious behavior, track down the activity and mobility to the source, and prevent or mitigate cyber-attacks. By combining big data analytics with security technologies, organizations are able to stay ahead of evolving threats – with a strong defense posture. Big data analytics integrated to the security environment provides high-speed, automated analysis of network activity for detection and prevention of threats, shortens the time to remediation when attacks occur, and improves compliance.

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As the digital revolution gains pace, and Telecom service providers get flooded with big data constantly generated from multiple sources, Telecoms are faced with a growing challenge. IP traffic, log data, location data and more are now generated in speed and volume like never before. Telecoms need to store this data and gain insights from it in real time. SQream Technologies empowers engineers, data scientists, analysts and marketers in the Telecom industry, to get massive value from their ever-growing data volume. Using SQreams’ single-point-of-knowledge solution, telecoms are able to store data and analyze it, rapidly.

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Internet of thing

As billions of devices become connected to the Internet of Things (IoT), organizations need solutions that make sense of all the velocity-varied, rapidly growing data sets. SQream Technologies enables organizations to capture a holistic picture for solving their key challenges and generating new revenue streams. Using IoT and big data analytics for implementation of cost-saving tools such as predictive maintenance and automation – can revolutionize productivity.

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The Financial Industry is constantly flooded with enormous sets of data. Data needs to be captured, stored, and analyzed in order to produce effective risk-management intelligence. SQream Technologies helps Financial Institutions to do so, with petabyte-sized data sets, while identifying patterns and predicting potential future outcomes. With SQream DB organizations are able to mitigate their risk exposure, balance risk with opportunity, and reach more informed decisions based on accurate, predictive analytics. Apart from risk management, SQream DB also addresses challenges related to high frequency trading and algorithmic execution, financial analytics, behavioral data finance, data security and legal protection.

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