Internet of Things (IoT)

Often referred to as the ‘next Industrial Revolution’, Internet of Things (IoT) is increasingly perceived as propelling a digital business transformation that can potentially generate tremendous value for organizations and consumers.

A major challenge in IoT is how to cope with the massive amounts of rapidly scaling Big Data deriving from sensors and devices. Collecting, storing and processing this data efficiently and quickly is vital to producing actionable, real-time insights.

SQream Technologies is smack in the middle of this dynamic crossroads of people, data and intelligent machines.

SQream’s GPU-based (Graphic Processing Unit) Big Data analytics database delivers real-time analytics from rapidly scaling terabytes-petabytes of data, doing so with much less hardware (on-premise) or through a cloud analytics DWH platform.

SQream’s technology enables to ingest, store and analyze massive-sized data sets with small-sized, sometimes even portable hardware. The power of a full-rack database machine is condensed into a small footprint server such as a standard 2U server, delivering the most cost-effective performance for big data.

An example of this technology put to practice is the smart car – a miniature GPU-based server can be installed in the car to collect millions of data bits per second, while simultaneously providing real-time analytics – delivering an in-car big data engine.

Using SQream DB, organizations can merge and correlate their rapidly growing data sets, allowing for real-time responses, increased productivity and the ability to adapt to quickly shifting trends.

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