Genome Research

Genome research institutions are faced with a growing challenge related to their rapidly increasing data, constantly generated from multiple sources. Genomes need to store and analyze their large sets of data, faster, at a significantly better cost performance. They need a big data analytics solution that will not collapse when processing massive quantities of datasets. A hassle-free, easy-to-use and to implement solution, that will enable them to focus on the research instead of the IT.

Being a columnar SQL database with the first-ever GPU-based technology in big data, SQream leverages technology used today in genomic research, breaking through speed- and scalability barriers.

The researcher uploads his data, the advanced SQream algorithm runs analytics on the uploaded data, correlated (or not) with an unlimited number of other bioinformatics databases (i.e. UCSC, 1000 Genomes, dbSNP).

Computational SNP results are reproducible and analyses may be scheduled to be launched automatically, or to be dealt with manually when the researcher choses to launch them.

SQream delivers accurate, deterministic, repeatable, annotated, real-time results. The results are downloadable in BAM, CSV or .txt format, for quick accomplishments of clinical or research stages.

With SQream research institutions are able to get to their big data analytics’ insights 100 times faster!

  • Extreme scalability – from terabytes to petabytes
  • Simple integration (supports JDBC; ODBC; .NET APIs)
  • Scales linearly – high performance
  • Plug&play implementation
  • Hardware requirements: standard server (as opposed to other leading DBMS solutions that require full racks)
  • As a standalone/complimentary database
  • Cost-effective

SQream Technologies provides bioinformatics researchers, data scientists and analysts in the genome industry with a new set of tools to rapidly extract time-critical knowledge that has been unattainable scale- and speed-wise thus far, enabling them to get to the answers they are looking for – way ahead of the competition. With SQream, genome researchers are able to quickly discover patterns and other insights, necessary for reaching new levels of efficiency and to truly advance genome and medical research.

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