Big Data Market Overview

Big data is an all-encompassing term for any collection of data sets so large and complex that it becomes difficult to process using traditional data processing applications.

According to Wikibon the Big Data market as measured by vendor revenue derived from sales of related hardware, software and services reached $18.6 Billion in calendar year 2013. That represents a growth rate of 58% over the previous year. The forecast for 2014 is $29 Billion. Breaking it down by sub-types – an approx $23.12 Billion for compute, infra- structure software, SQL, apps and analytics, professional services and cloud.

Wikibon expects the Big Data Market to reach a $50.1 Billion of worth, by 2017.

IDC predicts that the market for Big Data technologies will reach $32.4 billion by 2017 (around 6 times the growth rate of the overall information and communication technology market).


Source: 451 Research

Source: 451 Research (October, 2014)


SQream Technologies Targeted Industries


With a broad spectrum of solutions, SQream Technologies targets mainly six verticals – AdTech, Telecom, IoT, Finance, Cyber Secuirty and Genome Research.

data science10

SQream DB uses GPU technology to improve the performance of columnar queries by at least 20x on large data sets. At the same time reduce the hardware required to perform the query – typically a single 2U server equipped with Nvidia K80 GPU is equivalent to a 42U rack full of servers. Fast discovery of models through reducing query latency of complex queries on large data sets, allows Data Scientists to be more productive and place models into production faster – implicitly reducing costs. In Ad Tech, when the model is better, the fit is better for the user; the bid price is higher, and a higher price increases the bid/win ratio. The advertiser can spend their budget with a higher likelihood of conversion, and the publisher earns the most money on their inventory.

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As the digital revolution gains pace, and Telecom service providers get flooded with big data constantly generated from multiple sources, Telecoms are faced with a growing challenge. IP traffic, log data, user behavior data, location data and more are now generated in speed and volume like never before. Telecoms need to store this data and gain insights from it in real time. SQream Technologies empowers engineers, data scientists, analysts and marketers in the Telecom industry, to get massive value from their ever-growing data volume. SQream provides Telcos with ability to ingest multiple data sources, delivering near real-time analytics capabilities such as Customer Mobility and Behavior, Customer Device Detection, Location Analysis, Advertising Optimization, Network Monitoring and Security Logs. All in a single point of knowledge.

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A major challenge in IoT is how to cope with the massive amounts of rapidly scaling Big Data deriving from sensors and devices. Collecting, storing and processing this data efficiently and quickly is vital to producing actionable, real-time insights.

SQream Technologies is smack in the middle of this dynamic crossroads of people, data and intelligent machines.  SQream’s technology enables to ingest, store and analyze massive-sized data sets in near real-time with small-sized, even portable hardware. The power of a full-rack database machine is condensed into a small footprint server such as a standard 2U server, delivering the most cost-effective performance for big data. SQream is also available on the cloud.

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Cybar security

SQream Technologies empowers CISOs with a more effective way to proactively detect, prevent and remediate rapidly-increasing cyber-attacks. SQream enables to easily ingest, store and analyze heavy analytical workloads of fresh and historical data, in near real-time. Instead of querying one week or one month back, the company gives its users the ability to query years back, at a much higher speed. SQream DB can be used as an analytical database or as an accelerator to an existing data warehouse to accelerate reports and analytics. By combining big data analytics with security technologies, organizations are able to stay ahead of evolving threats – with a strong defense posture. Big data analytics integrated to the security environment provides high-speed, automated analysis of network activity for detection and prevention of threats, shortens the time to remediation when attacks occur, and improves compliance.

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The Financial Industry is constantly flooded with enormous sets of data. Data needs to be captured, stored, and analyzed in order to produce effective risk-management intelligence. SQream Technologies helps Financial Institutions to do so, with petabyte-sized data sets, while identifying patterns and predicting potential future outcomes. With SQream DB organizations are able to mitigate their risk exposure, balance risk with opportunity, and reach more informed decisions based on accurate, predictive analytics. Apart from risk management, SQream DB also addresses challenges related to high frequency trading and algorithmic execution, financial analytics, behavioral data finance, data security and legal protection.

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Genome research

Genome research institutions are faced with a growing challenge related to their rapidly-growing data.  They need to store and analyze large data sets, faster, at a significantly better cost performance. SQream Technologies provides bioinformatic researchers, data scientists and analysts with a new set of tools to pre-upload commonly used databases (such as 1000 Genome, UCSC) with their research data, and to rapidly extract knowledge that has been unattainable scale- and speed-wise thus far. With SQream genome researchers are able to quickly discover patterns and other insights way ahead of the estimated time tables and to advance research by months and even years.

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